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‘Zun Mureed’, the HUM TV drama serial based on domestic violence with respect to the recently passed bill against the act continues to grow stronger. Starring some of the best actors of the industry such as Nadia Khan, Shamim Hilali, Omair Rana, Khalid Anum and Kashif Mehmood, this serial has a lot of issues to present before the viewers and a large number of morals to teach.

The recently aired episode of ‘Zun Mureed’ tells how disrespecting a family member and showing stubbornness can bring about the destruction of a family and how women who are apparently happy also have a lot of miseries to hide.

The episode focuses on the robbery which the maid of Sajjad (Omair Rana) arranges along with her partner after mixing a sleeping medicine in the dinner of all the family members. This situation created tells how in the absence of a wife, not only the children and the household system gets upset, but a house fails to remain a ‘home’ and faces financial loss as well, for when Tabassum (Nadia Khan) was a part of the family, she would take care of everything. It is in her absence that the house is falling apart brick by brick, the bricks being enacted by the dwellers of the house, be it the children and the mother-in-law (Shamim Hilali), and also the property apparently saved in its hidden corners. However, despite this visible gradual destruction, Sajjad does not seem ready to bring about a reconciliation with his wife and demand forgiveness for beating her, but is adamant at keeping her away and wallowing in his manly pride which first exhibited itself in the form of domestic violence and then was hurt at being called an abuser.

The most important thing about this episode is its revelation of the fact that Tabassum’s bhabi (Ayesha Gul) who apparently is a very dominating person and a compliant wife all the same, has had her share of a husband’s egoistic attitude and quiet abuse. She is made to realize this when Tabassum declares that she is about to leave her brother’s (Kashif Mehmood) house because it belongs to her bhabi who has spent her entire life in creating it and making it a happy place to reside in by giving sacrifices and by bearing a strange temperament of her husband, which is depicted now after a lot of episodes. It is during the scene when Aneela gets late for serving tea to her husband, Rauf and he starts taunting her without considering her life-long service that we are made to realize that even this woman who has apparently been a very good and idealistic wife has not always been given due for her services, and has been asked to be on her husband’s beck and call all the time. It is this patriarchal attitude that had been inculcated in her which had not made her realize uptil now that she is an exploited wife.

This episode has marked the change in Ayesha Gul’s character, presenting the idea that majority of the society’s men possess a manly pride, which some women do not tolerate and some are made to tolerate in such a manner that they are made to believe that it is justified. Even ‘perfect’ wives who know how to manage a house are abused, but they do not realize it because they are inveigled into believing that their salvation is in remaining quiet. The other point which this episode validates is that a house cannot stand until both the members are respected and strive together for its maintenance. Absence of one of them can bring about a bad fall of the whole family.

The serial continues to prove itself as a ‘Amna Mufti’ script, for the dialogues are natural, the scenes well-put and justified and the story strong. It is hoped that it ends on a note which appeals to all and does not leave questions unanswered and ideologies dissatisfied.


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