Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero, has just released its fourth song Heer Badnaam. This song is also based on Katrina Kaif’s glamorous character, Babita Kumari. The much awaited film has cleared censor boards today and will be screening tomorrow! The film also stars Anushka Sharma as a pivotal role.

The upbeat song, Heer Badnaam has been sang by Romy. It has been composed by Tanishka Bagchi. The song gives us a glimpse of Babita Kumari’s life in general. The emotionally distraught character is going through a tough time in her life as she suffers from heartbreak.

The lyrics indicate betrayal in her life and the intense scenes that unfold show us the inner condition of the character. The famed character is suffering and loathes the attention she gets. The song has revealed most part of this character’s situation in the film. She posses a wild soul which craves her freedom and generally has a distaste for people who are judgmental.

The song has been released one day before the movie’s release! The music and beats of the song are enjoyable!


Watch the song here:


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