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After successfully running the live feed of Thugs of Hindostan, we are back with the live feed of the most anticipated film of this year i.e Zero. EPk has introduced an exclusive live feed that will keep you updated about all the latest news on this film. From box office information, censor information, expert’s opinion to how the public reacts. We will give you a through coverage of all this and much more! Keep visiting our page for more information on Zero


The Live feed of Zero concludes:

26 Dec (Wednesday) 10:50 Am: As Zero wraps up its Weekend in Pakistan, it is time for us to conclude the Live Feed. The boxoffice numbers of Zero’s weekend collection will be revealed to you soon. Keep visiting our page and our website for more updates on Zero’s performance at the box-office. With this, we sign off from the Live feed!


Zero vs Thugs of Hindostan Two Days Comparison

23 Dec (Sunday) 09:00pm: Zero is racing ahead of Thugs of Hindostan in first two days at Pakistani boxoffice. Both films have failed to create magic at domestic markets but both films have taken smashing start in Pakistan. Thugs of Hindostan was a solo release and had much more shows compared to Zero and being an action film it had initial pull. But film was held back by Thursday release. Zero has much less shows compared to Thugs due to clash with Aquaman and couple of other films but still film has collected more than Thugs of Hindostan in first two days. Thugs of Hindostan had seen steep fall on Monday and Zero will need to hold well on Monday to have good lifetime total too. Below are the numbers of both releases in first two day.

Day One:-

TOH.. 1.7cr

Zero.. 2.35cr

Day Two:-

TOH.. 2.4cr

Zero (estimates).. 2.2cr

Two Days Total:

TOH.. 4.1cr

Zero.. 4.55cr

Day Two Business (estimates)

23 Dec (Sunday) 08.30pm: Zero has wrapped it’s second day at Pakistani boxoffice with very strong numbers. Film has collected around 2.2cr approx as per estimates taking two days total over 4.5cr approx. Film is heading towards huge weekend as Sunday trends are excellent too. Film’s Weekend is looking to come in top weekends of all time despite a non holiday release and huge clash.

Day Two Update of Zero

23 Dec (Sunday) 03:00pm: With early boxoffice data coming in, it looks like Zero is heading towards another 2+cr day in Pakistan. Final numbers will be updated here soon but for now it is holding strong at plexes especially Karachi where Weekend alone is heading towards 2.25cr approx, which is a marvelous number. Further reports of day two will be shared here later today.

Top Opening Days All Time

22 Dec (Saturday) 08:15pm: Let’s take a look at all-time record sheet and see where Zero stands on Day One in Pakistan. Well film is at number 4 in all time list which shows how big the opening of the film is. Film has run riots in Karachi whereas film’s numbers have also been reported as similar in Lahore. This is quite new as Karachi usually does much better than Lahore at ticket windows. However, Zero has managed to rake in similar numbers in Lahore.

Below are top 4 all-time opening day boxoffice numbers of films released in Pakistan.

  1. Sultan.. 3.58cr
  2. Sanju.. 3.2cr
  3. Race (incl. previews).. 2.62cr
  4. Zero.. 2.3+cr

Top Opening Days 2018.

22 Dec (Saturday) 07.45pm: We have Day One numbers of Zero with us now and we can draw a comparison of the film in the record sheets. Let’s take a look at the top opening days of Hindi films released in 2018. Zero is in top 3. First position has been secured by Sanju whereas second position is with Race 3. But Race 3 had good amount of business coming from previews and if we take those out then Zero’s first day is second biggest of 2018. Below are the boxoffice numbers of the top 3 films of 2018.

  1. Sanju.. 3.2cr
  2. Race 3 (incl. previews).. 2.62cr
  3. Zero.. 2.3+cr

Zero Day One Updated Business Pakistan

22nd Dec (Saturday) 07.30pm: With updated numbers coming in, this is to notify you that Zero has done phenomenally well on day one in Pakistan. Film has registered a little over 2.3cr approx on day one which is a huge number beating day one of most biggies released in Pakistan.

Zero vs 2.0 On Day One in Pakistan

22nd Dec (Saturday) 04.30pm: With 2cr approx on it’s first day Zero has beaten 2.0 on it’s opening day with a huge margin. The Hindi version of 2.0 earlier collected 43lacs approx and Zero has beaten this number with a boxoffice collection which is almost five times bigger than it, on its opening day alone.

Day One Business Of Zero In Pakistan (estimates)

22 Dec (Saturday) 04.00pm: Zero closes day one with very good numbers. Film rakes in 2cr approx on day one as per estimates which makes it a solid start at the boxffice. This calls for huge congratulations to team of Zero!

Big Day One and Huge Advances for Saturday

22 Dec (Saturday) 02.00pm: With final numbers for day one still coming in, Zero has taken massive start all over. Film is going around 2cr mark on day one and despite being a romantic film and non Holiday release it is raking in stupendous numbers on day one. There is a strong clash with Aquaman which has taken away good number of shows from the film but still film is bringing in phenomenal numbers. Only big three i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Rwp/Isl are going over 1.5cr approx as per early estimates. Biggest plus is this that film is having huge advance booking today again. Karachi is already almost sold out for whole day today at most places and spot bookings in Lahore and Rwp/Isl are huge. Film is looking to emerge a winner at boxoffice but that will be confirmed in next few days.


Malala Yousafzai shares her comments on Zero

22 Dec (Saturday) 11.34am: Malala Yousafzai has recently watched the film Zero. She said that the film was very entertaining. She and her family loved the film. She said that she is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. She mentioned that she had a nice chat with Shahrukh Khan previously on twitter however she hopes that one day he will come to Oxford or anywhere in Uk. She hopes to meet him in person as that will mean a lot to her. It will make her day. She also showered the superstar with compliments calling him amazing, superb and awesome.

Read More: Malala Yousafzai has a message for Shahrukh Khan

Zero likely to set a new record on day one in Pakistan

21st Dec (Friday) 11.30pm: Zero has taken a phenomenal start all over Pakistan today. Film has seen a houseful at most plexes in Karachi. Its start in Lahore has also been huge and if the momentum of this film maintains, then it will beat the opening day record of Jab Harry Met Sejal (2.3cr) as day one is heading towards 2.5+cr with outside chances of even hitting 3cr mark. Opening day record is going to be among top 5 of all time despite being a working day release. Looks like SRK is in form with this one as his stardom is visible at ticket Windows right now.


Public Review of Zero in Pakistan

21st Dec (Friday) 07.30pm: Zero has taken an excellent start in Pakistan. Public response from cinemas is positive. Take a look at the video below.


Positive public reviews from early shows of Zero

21st Dec (Friday) 06.00pm: Zero has taken a flying start across Pakistan and that’s the first time this year since Eid releases that any film has taken such a huge start. Karachi is going crazy. Coming toward reviews, film might be facing tough luck at social media but early reports of public from Cinemas are encouraging. As per reports, the film is getting thumbs up from public. That’s a good sign for the film as there are holidays ahead and the film can aim for huge records in coming days due to positive word of mouth.

We will be sharing the video of public reviews straight from the cinemas shortly.


Can Zero be the 4th to hit the 2 crore opening day benchmark?

21st Dec (Friday) 02.00 pm:So far three of SRK’s  movies had opening day record of 2 crore in Pakistan. Two of Salman Khan’s Sultan and Race 3 did such business, Pakistan’s very own Humayun Saeed’s JPNA franchise have reached this benchmark. This makes SRK’s movies to be in the lead with opening day records of Fan, Jab harry met Sajal and Dilwale. Lets see if Zero can join in the league. Based on how well the previous films have done Zero can be expected to make it big on the box office.


Aanand L Rai’s movies’ BO history in Pakistan

21st Dec (Friday) 12.30 pm:  Zero is a film by director Aanand L Rai. Previously only one film from this director has been released in Pakistan which was Tanu Weds Manu returns. The film had Madhvan and Kangana Ranut, who are very decent actors, but do not have that much star power in Pakistan. The film raked decently at the box office with a total of approximately 5.5 crores. In case of Zero, the cast has big names who are deeply loved on this side of the border as well. SRK alone is the major pull for fans to head to the cinemas. Consequently we can expect it do much better.


Updated number of shows of Zero

21st Dec (Friday) 11.20 am: Today is the opening day of SRK starrer Zero. We previously according reported that the number of shows allotted to Zero in Pakistan were 360 however the number seems to have increase. According to updates, the total number of shows is now 409. The more the merrier. The film is expected to have a great opening.


SRK films have made unbeatable records over Christmas in Pakistan

20th Dec (Thursday) 11.45pm: Srk’s film, Don 2 saw release on Christmas and this film broke all records of Hindi films back in 2011. The film collected a whooping 7.25 cr approx six years back and became the highest grossing film of all time in Pakistan for Hindi films. Second Shah Rukh Khan film to release on Christmas in Pakistan was Dilwale. This film might not have outperformed in India but it was a huge hit in Pakistan.

Dilwale broke opening day records for Hindi films despite having a clash with Bajirao Mastani back in 2015 and it also went on to collect over 20cr approx which is still the highest grossing film of Shah Rukh Khan in Pakistan. SRK’s films releasing near Christmas have been lucky for the star in Pakistan. Now Zero is releasing near Christmas as it hits the screens tomorrow and we are expecting the same magic to happen.


Can Zero Repeat History Like Jab Tuk Hai Jaan in Pakistan?

20th Dec (Thursday) 10.45pm: Zero is a highly anticipated film under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner starring an extremely powerful cast. What is interesting is that the trio had appeared in Yash Raj film together back in 2012. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was the last film directed by Yash Chopra before his demise. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was the first film ever to hit 1cr mark in a single day in Pakistan. Film had a crazy start in Pakistan and we expect nothing less from Zero. Even though Shah Rukh Khan’s films couldn’t perform well lately but they have always been able to take thunderous start in Pakistan no matter the content.


SRK Starrer with the biggest Opening day?

20th Dec (Thursday) 10.11pm: SRK Films have always taken massive starts in Pakistan. 2cr is a difficult benchmark to achieve on the opening day for any film. Yet, SRK films have breached that benchmark on their opening days thrice with Dilwale, FAN and Jab Harry Met Sejal. Right now Jab Harry Met Sejal holds the record of biggest opening day of SRK film in Pakistan. Now the question is, will Zero set a new record?


SRK Fans are celebrating the release of Zero in Pakistan

20th Dec (Thursday) 9:10pm: SRK’s fans are gathering to celebrate and watch Zero together tomorrow in Lahore. SRK Universe is a popular fan group of Shahrukh Khan with millions of members on social media. The group also has subdivisions in different countries. The members of SRK Universe-Pakistan have been gathering to express their love for Shahrukh Khan in Karachi previously. The group activities have now expanded to Lahore and Gujranwala. With the release of Zero tomorrow, festive celebrations will take place among the members!

Watch here:


Crazy Advance Booking of Zero in Karachi.

20th Dec (Thursday) 8.35pm: These days, people do not opt for advance booking of any film as the number of screens across Pakistan are increasing and high number of shows are being allocated to movies. However, Zero has still seen fantastic advance bookings in Karachi. Nueplex DHA has garnered crazy advance whereas Atrium Cinemas are picking up extremely fast! If this pace maintains, the film is likely to open with a thunderous start in Karachi tomorrow.


Runtime of Zero in Pakistan

20th Dec (Thursday) 7.58pm: Zero has been passed uncut in Pakistan for release and it has a runtime of 2hrs and 44 minutes. Even though the duration seems long however some of the major releases of this year had the same runtime. Be it JPNA 2 or Sanju!


No Of shows allocated to Zero on first day

20th Dec (Thursday) 7.10pm: The most anticipated film of the year, Zero has been granted a generous number of shows as its stars the hugely loved Shahrukh Khan. The film has been given 360 number of shows on day one, which will allow the film to take a huge opening.


Screen Count of Zero in Pakistan

20th Dec (Thursday) 5.36pm: Zero is all set for release tomorrow. The much anticipated Shahrukh Khan starrer has been allocated a whopping 156 screens across Pakistan as per the distributor of this film. Screen  count is one of the biggest ever for any Indian film in Pakistan. It will be interesting to see how it performs with such a large release size. Keep visiting for more updates coming shortly.


Zero Cleared By Censor Boards in Pakistan.

20th Dec (Thursday) 2:05 pm; The much awaited film, Zero has cleared the censor boards today. The film which was reviewed yesterday, has been cleared in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The film has cleared without any cuts and is all set to entertain us tomorrow! Film is going to be distributed by Eveready in cinemas across Pakistan. We are anticipating Zero to be a blockbuster.


Advance bookings of SRK’s Zero going strong in Pakistan

18 Dec (Tuesday): The advance bookings have opened in cinemas across Pakistan as the film is expected to get a huge footfall as it has SRK in the lead. In Lahore and Islamabad advance bookings are not going strong, audience usually prefers buying tickets prior to the show instead of booking it in advance. However in Karachi, the culture of advance bookings is prevalent. In Karachi, the rate of booking seems to be going well in one of the major cinemas, Neuplex DHA Karachi.


Breaking News: Advance of Much Anticipated Zero All Set To Start
12 Dec (Wednesday): Film’s advance booking is all set to start this Weekend which would mean around a Week before its release. Shah Rukh Khan films usually see massive advance sales at ticket counters and trade is likewise expecting a huge response of this film too


Third Song release of Zero: Husn Parcham

12 Dec (Wednesday): Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero is back with its third song release. The song is called Husn Parcham and features the very pretty Katrina Kaif as Babita. The glamorous song fulfills what is commonly perceived as mandatory in any film that is, the requirement of a sizzling item song.


Breaking News: Zero Release Date Confirmed in Pakistan

11 Dec (Tuesday): 2018 is near it’s end and cinemas are going to see the biggest film of the year hitting screens. Shah Rukh Khan starer’s release date has just been confirmed in Pakistan. EPK exclusively breaks the news that film is finalized to hit screens on 21st December 2018.


Second Song release of Zero: Issaqbaazi

4th Dec (Tuesday): T-series just dropped another track from the highly anticipated movie Zero.  Issaqbazi is the Salman Khan cameo song from the movie. The song is upbeat and enjoyable. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Divya Kumar, the song is celebration of love. Composed by Ajay-Atul and written by Irshad Kamil.


First Song release of Zero: Mera Naam Tu 

23rd Nov (Friday): T series just released the first song of King Khan’s Zero. The song titled, Mere Naam Tu is sung by Abhay Jodhapurkar. The song is pictured on Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.The song hints us that Baua Singh will fall for Anushka Sharma’s character as he tries to fill colours in her life.


Epk review of Zero’s trailer

2nd Nov (Sunday): The official trailer of Zero was released on 2nd November and has hit more than 100 million views since then. Watch our trailer review here:



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