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Yaariyan by now has become a complex and heartbreaking story of four people who have been at loss in love. Like every episode this one was extremely emotional as well. The conflicts that the character are wrapped in don’t seem to be anywhere near resolving, instead the matters are escalating and getting worse.

“I’m not leaving the industry” clarifies Sanam Chauhdry

While the previous episode had hinted a slight possibility of Zubi (Ayeza Khan) going soft on her sister ,this episode highlighted the negativity and the lengths to which Zubi is willing to go in order to save herself from being caught. It is rather appalling to see the confidence with which she continues to play the victim and deny any responsibility.

The episode further dug the hole for Sadia (Momal Sheikh) who has done nothing to deserve what she is getting.This episode put her only ally in doubt as well. All the characters are dwelling in the past which is why their problems are not ending. They are not attempting to move on and this is creating more problems.

Sadia is pretty much a lone warrior trying to fend herself against all the allegations, but unfortunately is failing terribly. Her character is being questioned and her denial is not being considered by anyone.

Sumbul’s (maryam Nafeses) problems at her in-laws is getting her frustrated. Though her sister in law isn’t all that nice, she herself is partially the problem as well. Within her frustration, she further creates trouble for Sadia. This episode was well distributed among all the characters of the drama with all given equal screen space. All actors have performed their parts well and leave a lasting impact on the audience.

The drama is taking the story of every character forward simultaneously and not concentrating on a few characters only. This keeps the drama crisp and interesting. The pace in this episode was well maintained and the best performer of the episode was Ayeza Khan, who plays the self centered villain with conviction. He dialogue delivery, expression and body language all are very convincing.

The best scene of the episode was without doubt the opening scene where Zubi very cunningly handles her slip of tongue. She manages to stop her mother from lecturing her on her wrong doings. This scene episode further established her character traits and what can be expected from her in the coming episodes.

Hina Bayat also stands out in her avatar as a fair mother in law trying to make everything right as she nears her death. Disturbed and hurt by her son’s action she is also seen conflicted. Hina Bayat has shown the confusion and indecisiveness very well. Her positivity makes her the most likable character of the drama.

One thing that was also apparent and noticeable in this episode were the looks of Sadia and Aliya. Kudos to the make up artist for creating the looks of two women who are tensed and in poor health. The drama is mid way through its run and it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming episodes.

Muneeb Butt & Aiman Khan Silence Hina Altaf


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