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After what seemed like a never ending series of accusations and doubts Yaariyan finally showed some ray of hope in this episode. Sadia finally gets what she deserved and it was heartening to see it. It seemed that Zubi has started to regret her actions as well but once again we were left disappointed.

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It is high time that the narrative picks up a change in pace and gives us something interesting than it already has. With Zubi and Ahmer married and Zubi still blaming Sadia for everything, it will interesting what her next move will be.

One thing that I am looking forward to in the drama is when the truth comes out. How will everyone deal with the revelation will be interesting to see. Sadia’s continuous love for her sister seems a little unrealistic especially since she is the reason her life turned upside down. Her kindness and patience has paid off, but it would be nice if the makers showedd her to be a little unhappy with her sister as any normal person in her position would be.

Once again Momal shone as Sadia, the way she expressed her honesty along with her anger was brilliant. Ayeza continues to stun us with Zubi’s lies and the facade she is maintaining. It was so impressive the way she had Ahmer fooled that she was worried about Sadia, when in fact she was sad for herself. That scene was actually the best scene of the episode as it had us fooled too.

It is majorly the star cast who is carrying the weight of the show. Their impeccable performance is plausible. The dialogues are good as well, however the narrative needs to pick up pace.

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Not much happened in this episode except Umair’s change of heart. His reaction after Sadia’s outrage was heartening. The way he accepts his mistakes and apologizes to Sadia had us cheering for these two. Lets hope the upcoming episodes are happy ones and Zubi gets what she deserves.

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