Emotions run high in this week’s episode as Sadia attempts to adjust to her new life with not much success. While Umair is still resistant to her presence, Zobi continues to meet with Umair and have an extramarital affair with him. Umair’s mother, however, does her best to be inclusive of Sadia all the while dealing with her sickness in secrecy. There were many clashing emotions in this episode as well as rising tensions between the characters as things begin to set the scene for an escalation.

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Umair’s mother is one of the most likeable and well-written characters of the drama. Hina Bayat plays Aliya very naturally and her portrayal of this woman’s struggle with cancer is beautiful. The character’s strength and resolve is also obvious in the way she tries to hide this horrifying news from her children, continuing to work on her job with the same passion and dedication. She is also the sole supporter Sadia has for now, as even her own mother and father have forsaken her. Aliya’s character is truly the most enjoyable one of them all and the way she has contributed to the overall progression of the story deserves its due credit.

Hina Bayat

Another character I really enjoyed was Umair’s! While his attitude has generally been horrible to Sadia and the things he’s doing are deplorable, there still are redemptive qualities to him. What really stood out to me about his role is the way he sometimes reveals softer sides to himself that are genuine, unlike with Sadia or even Zobi.

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The beginning scene in which he brings milk for his sick mother says it all; the only person he is sincere with is his mother. While Umair is unpleasant in majority of the scenes and a negative character, I feel like by showing us softer sides to his character the writer might be establishing and eventual change in Umair. That would be a nice side to see for Umair’s character and I’m sure Muneeb Butt could rise up to his potential through his role. The actor has mostly been seen playing villains recently but by playing a villain that actually changes his ways and takes a positive turn would be a new side to Muneeb Butt!

Muneeb Butt

Acting and writing have been on par for Yaariyan until now, and while there certainly are some hollow characters (such as Ahmer whose role has been in the periphery for quite a while now), generally there hasn’t been a dull moment in the drama. Credit to the director Syed Wajahat Hussain and the writer Sameena Aijaz for working together in keeping this drama so lively and interesting! The cast and crew have matched up to each other in terms of talent and hard work, and it is showing in their work. The audience have so far been showing a positive reception, and I personally found each episode to be differentiated and gripping.

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Ayeza Khan

It would be nice to see some more character development in Zobi and Umair because their negative roles deserve some form of redemptive arc. It would be a pity to see them be mere empty villains. But that awaits to be seen till next week, for which we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation!

What did you think of this week’s episodes! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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