Things have started to accelerate in Yaariyan in only its second episode as this time Sadia faces trouble from all sides. The events of the episode were pretty fast-paced and a lot happened in a short span of time. Zubi brings Umair to introduce him to Sadia, but Sadia does not approve of Umair’s behavior and attitude.

While Umair and Sadia are still interacting, Ahmar comes to visit Sadia but seeing her with Umair he assumes that Sadia is the one having an affair with him. Things spiral out of control when Sadia’s father angrily pushes Umair out of the house and beats Sadia up. When Zubi tries to interject she gets pushed back, hits her head and goes into a coma.

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Hearing about Zubi’s situation, Umair rushes to the hospital to visit her and is seen by her mother who realizes the connection between Zubi and Sadia. The episode ends with Zubi coming out of the coma and Sadia still in hot water.

With regards to the story, it is still in its inception and primary impressions are usually proven wrong as dramas go along. However, I do feel like more time should have been given to developing the nature of each character and showing the audience more compelling sides of the characters.

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The fast pace of the story does keep things interesting as only the second episode has me curious to see more, but sometimes these stories run out of steam and the ending is disappointing in comparison. But since this is a primary impression, I will be hopefully proven wrong and Yaariyan will maintain this level of interest.

One thing the drama is doing right is the way each character is being portrayed; there aren’t too many characters which makes it easy to follow the story, and the main ones do have interesting personalities that make them worth following.

The four main actors playing the lead characters are all individually talented and their method of acting works really well together. Ayeza Khan is certainly exploring new fronts for herself since the role of Zubi is something she rarely does, and to see her in a role that isn’t all positive for once is refreshing, to say the least.

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Momil Sheikh and Junaid Khan make an interesting couple and the actors have immense talent, of course. Muneeb Butt has steadily become a rising star in dramas and Yaariyan once again displays his acting prowess. I do think he should do more positive roles too but for some reason Muneeb Butt does negative roles really well! Alongside the acting, Syed Wajahat Hussain as the director has kept up the quality of the direction really high from the start and suffice to say, is topnotch.

My initial impression of Yaariyan is positive, and I really look forward to future episodes since the star-studded cast has everyone excited! The plot does seem like a typical Pakistani drama but the way things are going, there might be new twists and turns that will surprise us later on. After all, this is only the second episode and it might change in upcoming episodes. Regardless, Yaariyan has been a pleasant surprise for now and I’m excited for what it will bring next week!

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