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Yaariyan has become an intense drama filled with tragedy, high octane emotions and hate. All the actors are doing justice to their roles and make us want to watch every episode. Director Wajahat Hussain has maintained a good pace in the latest episode with proceeding the story forward. All the characters are included equally in the narrative and all have their own significance. the episode was also beautifully shot and the scene length was reasonable keeping the scenes crisp.

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While Zubi gets ready to be married to Ahmer, Sadia lands herself in the hospital after her only ally also falls into doubt of her character.While we saw a glimmer of hope that Umair has realized his mistake Ahmer once again put him in doubt. On one hand hand, Zubi’s cowardice has ruined so many lives, on the other hand Sumbal’s stubbornness will wreck her marriage. Aliya’s health is deteriorating yet nothing has gotten in control.

It is amazing how the actors have exhibited a wide range of emotion in Yaariyan. Muneeb in this episode especially stood out, when he tried controlling his anger whilst in doubt for a few minutes about Sadia’s innocence. His expressions were apt and the balance between his anger and confusion was maintained by the actor very well. While Umair can be hateful he is the victim of Zubi’s game and his anger is misguiding him into punishing Sadia and resorting to evilness.

We do wish to see some depth given to Ahmer and Zubi’s characters as well. They have nothing but hate for Sadia and Umair, we are not being shown more than just this. Being the one who orchestrated of all this mess, Zubi needs to be put in focus and we had hoped that we would she her do more than just marry her sister’s ex-husband. We got a glimpse in last week’s episode however this week’s episode resumed her back to a spiteful sister getting ready to be married.

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With all going downhill, especially for Sadia we hope that the story progresses towards some resolve and remorse now. the misunderstanding should not be dragged any further and the truth should begin to unfold. It will interesting what happens when everyone finds out the truth. More importantly will Zubi be the one to confess or will she continue to play the victim and the makers come up with some other creative way to reveal the truth. Well all this is yet to come and we look forward to seeing the narrative head in this direction now.


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