Last night’s episodes showcased a wide range of emotions by various characters. While Sumbal is happily married, she has to face the cold attitude of her sister in law. Her bitterness forces Sumbal to speak up upon which her husband sides with his sister. This portrays the typical mind set husbands in our society who mostly chose their family over their wives.

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Umair as always is being bitter and rude with Sadia who is showing utmost strength even after the news of Zubi and Ahmer’s wedding. Though broken she prefers to look at the positive side of things and is happy that Zubi will be happy with Ahmer. Umair on the other hand is devastated and takes his aggression out on Sadia. Umair isn’t the only one who goes ballistic on Sadia, Ahmer does too.

Sadia however is no longer afraid of anyone and responds with same anguish that is inflicted upon her. The exchange between the two was the highlight of the entire episode. Considering the scene took place during night time on a busy roadside, the shot has been taken beautifully with full clear audio and no disturbance in the background. It is good that the story is not portraying her to be helpless and weak. She is taking a stand in whatever capacity she can.

Zubi was barely there in the entire episode. She continues to think of herself as the victim to justify whatever she is doing. Her hunger for vengeance will only result in further disaster and Ahmer will unfortunately face the brunt of it again.

The plot of the drama is pretty much straightforward and predictable, however it is the actors who make the drama what it is. Momal in particular stood out the most in last night’s episode, she owned every scene she was in and translated Sadia’s turmoil effortlessly. The scenes driven by high octane emotions makes the narrative impactful. They allow the audience to connect with the characters and understand their pain.


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