Last night’s episode progressed the narrative further. Aliya intervening in Sumbal’s case proves fruitful. However it seems that Sahir’s sister seems unhappy with this. Ahmer gives his mother a shock. This is rather flawed messed up plot twist and one that will further worsen things for all the characters. Ahmer tries to convince Zubi to go through with the plan as well.

Sadia finally get to see her mother and that scene was truly heartwarming. Their union reflects the pain that the mother daughter had been going through because of the circumstances. Their time together is absolutely heartwarming.

Umair and Zubi are fighting again and she is ignoring him. She seems to be getting convinced with Ahmer’s proposal. Marrying him would mean punishing Umair as well. Ahmer even acts on it as well and brings a proposal to the house and Zubi accepts.

Yaariyan had been doing well based on excellent performances of the actors. However now the new developments in the story have made the story very twisted. Ahmer’s decision is solely based on his desire to take revenge from Sadia. This is highly problematic as the drama makes the institution of marriage look like a joke that can be manipulated for personal gains and vendetta.

Zubi’s father is not satisfied with Zubi’s decision and tries to convince her to rethink her decision through her mother. However Zubi refuses to listen to reasoning. Once again Ayeza Khan shined in the episode as the ultimate villian. The last scene in which she is looking in the mirror, her expressions are priceless.

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