We have acquired the BTS of upcoming film Yaara Vey. The film has been helmed by Manish Pawar. It has been shot in the beautiful locations of Dubai, Thailand and Tblisi, Georgia. The BTS give us a glimpse of the various locations of Georgia which appear very glamorous and appealing.

Exclusive: Aleeze Nasser on Yaara Vey, Sami Khan & Faizan Khawaja

Sami Khan and Faizan Khawaja are carrying their look with grace. Both of them are sporting a beard and they look great! Their wardrobe is great as well. We absolutely love the new look on both the male actors. The film’s leading lady, an up and comer Aleeze Nasser also looks very pretty and her outfits are stunning.

Exclusive BTS: Sami Khan & Faizan Khawaja Don A Dashing New Look in Yaara Vey

We also get to see the team hard at work and having a good time! These BTS are surely raising our excitement and expectations from this film. From the sets, the locations to how the actors look, everything is impeccable. So far the film is oozing with charisma and is showing a lot of potential! We are certainly excited to see how well this cooks up!

Watch The BTS Here:

Yaara Vey also stars Ali Sikander, veteran actors Javed Sheikh and Marina Khan. The film is slated for release in 2020. Keep reading Epk for more updates on this film and all things entertainment!


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