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The 10th installment of the acclaimed mutant series X-Men hit the screens this week. The film starts some big names including Jennifer Lawrence, James MacAvoy and Micheal Fassbender. This installment also included the Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner in lead role as Jean Grey. It was certainly exciting to see her join the franchise.

X Men Dark Phoenix Day One Boxoffice Collections Pakistan

X-Men Dark Phoenix however come off as a major disappointment that did not live up to the name of the series. X-Men Dark Phoenix begins and ends without any conviction.

Sophie Turner in X-Men Dark Phoenix

The film took the plot from X-Men The Last Stand , and changed it up. Jean (Sophie Turner) absorbs massive energy that makes her lethal to those around her. She cannot control her powers and ends up killing those she loves. This is the foundation of the movie and that is all there is in the entire movie.

Some try to kill her and some want to save her, and this goes on throughout the film. The narrative of the movie is hollow, the action sequences and visuals sink into the emptiness of the story. There are no plot twists, no surprises and no emotion. The audience cannot connect with the characters at all and one cannot wait for it to end.

Jessica Chastain plays the worst villain ever, she is after Jean’s power but there is nothing in her mannerism that reflect that she is the villain.She has no power, she is not even seen fighting much and the scene she is fighting she is not convincing enough. A stern look and mean pair of stilettos cannot do the trick.

Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain in X-Men Dark Phoenix

The film followed cliches and a predictable story line that surprised no one. Some of the most important characters of the film were over-shadowed by Jean. Xavier(James McAvoy) being Jean’s guardian could have a huge part to play, but he only manages to save her at the last minute.

Magneto(Micheal Fassbender) was totally wasted. Had he been the one to help Jean handle her powers that would have been something interesting to see. Instead of finding a way out for Jean the makers decided to go the other way around. This was absolutely ridiculous and pointless.

Micheal Fassbender in X-Men Dark Phoenix

None of the actors stood out in terms of performance, it all seemed like a widely orchestrated visual game with actors being used as props. Sophie Turner reminded us of Captain Marvel at points in terms of her visuals, when she lights up and the way people turn to ash was very Thanos like.

Sophie Turner in X-Men Dark Phoenix

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Director Simon Kinberg has been around the X-Men franchise for some time but he seemed to have no vision for this one. Now that X-Men has entered Disney we can hope that the upcoming movies have something better to offer like the Marvel films. For Dark Phoenix seemed like a thoughtless effort which had no soul.


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