Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong No 2 released its trailer yesterday. It is the sequel to Wrong No which has well established its repute as a comical flick in Pakistan. The comedy film was well received in the mass circuits and it looks like people are in for a bigger and better adventure in Wrong No 2.

Wrong No 2’s New Poster Has A lot Going On!

The films possess commercial elements which are bound to pull in audiences. Few punch lines stand out in the trailer and overall it looks like a fun, amusing and a chaotic trailer where a lot unfolds and less makes sense. The one word that defines this trailer is “Chaos” because not much can be taken away from it, while at the same time a lot is happening. Makes us wonder, What is going on here?

Javed Sheikh is essaying the role of a Pathan and accompanying him is Mehmood Aslam. The funny duo fit their roles while we also like Neelum Munir’s representation of a a feisty Pathani. However, the lead Sami Khan is not given many dialogues in the trailer therefore not much is revealed about his characteristics.

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We also see a glimpse of Yashma Gill and Neelum Munir’s dance numbers and they seem to be fulfilling the required quotient of glamour and appeal in the trailer.

The trailer is full of energy, the music compliments the fast pace of the trailer and it is also well shot. However, some where along the fun chaos, we also fail to understand the premise of the film, which leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions.

Nevertheless, the film has potential to click with masses and is definitely on our radar. Wrong No 2 has been produced by Amjad Rashid and Hassan Zia. The film will release on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Watch the trailer here:


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