A good movie not only needs good actors and director, it is massive teamwork. Among many elements of the film making process, good content is extremely essential. The story line and dialogues need to be monumental. In case of Bilal Lashari’s upcoming venture, one can expect the writing end of things will be flawless!

The writer is none other than Nasir Adeeb who has hundreds of films to his name, 412 to be exact! The long list includes films like  Sher Khan and Maula Jatt. One of the most famous films that he has written to date is called Weshi Jatt (back in 1973) which introduced the character, Maula Jatt.

We had him in our studio where he let us in on some interesting facts about Punjabi films. When he wrote his first film in 1973 , at that time only 4 films were Punjabi out of a total of 82 films that were released. Fast forward to 1996 a total of 112 films were released out of which 109 films were in Punjabi!

Over the years Punjabi films dominated and then unfortunately when the film industry saw decline, the films completely vanished! Now in 2018 we are back to square one. However with The Legend of Maula Jatt there is hope for Punjabi films to make a come back.

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Although the writer has made a lot of contribution to the Lollywood industry previously, he still believes with Ammara Hikmat and Bilal Lashari’s  “The legend of Maula Jatt”, it is his first project in the revived cinema.

Elaborating on this he made a very bold and interesting claim about the upcoming movie whose trailer is making waves and getting praise from everywhere. He claimed that this film will be a game changer, as after this film hits the theaters, producers from Karachi will be approaching him or some other good writer to get their script written for their Punjabi venture.

He believes that this movie will be a stepping stone to revival of Punjabi cinema. Only time will tell if his claim  holds, but if history repeats itself then this is a very good possibility!


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