Zanjabeel Asim Shah is one of the most talented writers out there in Pakistani drama industry. Known for mega hit like Bashar Momin, Zanjabeel recently wrote the super hit Cheekh which turned out to be one of the most popular dramas of the year. Well as if Cheekh’s success wasn’t enough, the ace writer is now writing a film project.

Exclusive: Balu Mahi’s Producer Sadia Jabbar’s Next Film Revealed

Previously we revealed that the writer on board for Sadia Jabbar’s next film which will be directed by Shoaib Khan. While Sadia Jabbar’s film will be a major project for the writer turns out the writer had been working on another film before Sadia’s.

Ahmed Ali Akbar Wins at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

As per credible sources Zanjabeel is writing a major project for a film which is being aimed to release next year. The first half of the film’s script has been completed and approved by the director .The sources also confirmed to Epk that the director and producer of this project are one of the biggest teams of Pakistan whose identity will be revealed soon by Epk Right now the makers are keeping this close to vest. There has not been any official confirmation as yet.


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