While Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has a huge number of admirers to his credits, the writer has also garnered a lot of hate in recent times. The playwright has been embroiled in one controversy after another, which has left many skeptical of him.

Most recently Khalil ur Rehman was subjected to alot of criticism as a leading publication quoted him as saying that he does not want to be associated with second-rate women such as Eshal Fayyaz.

Following this, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar came over to Epk Studios for recording his statement. He opened up about how these marriage rumors with the Kaaf Kangana actress began.

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“I am shocked at this kind of journalism, while there are some good journalists out there, there are also those wolves who fan the flames of hatred for the sake of making a story. For example this whole scenario began due to an interview I gave on the program, Aik Din Geo Ke Saath hosted by Sohail Warraich.

Its normal to have news printed about us, even if we only smile and talk to a heroine. This is because our work involves that we work day and night. It requires us to spend time and there was no connection of this with that!

While we were on the dining table, Sohail Warriach threw a question and my wife rushed to answer it and we had a good laughter after it. They cut out the part which ensued after Sohail Warriach asked, “Apkay Shohar Ne Dosri Shaadi Ke?”

Had they not cut that part out, none of these rumors would have even started! and even if they did cut it, there was no connection of that with Eshal Fayyaz. Why did they connect it with Eshal? This was shocking for me.

That poor girl worked day and night. She is a very decent and mannered girl, she gave 14 months to the film! If you can not give credit to her for that, then do not make things hard on her either!

Then later I received a call, again by a so called journalist and again he questions me about Eshal Fayyaz. I say, why are you disturbing me and embroiling me in such news? I am not here to face such kind of news, be thankful to God that there is someone who has been given something by God, and who is serving this country in some way. So why are you entangling me in all of this?

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He says, Okay Khalil Sahab and an hour later they print that I have said such a thing about Eshal Fayyaz! I can never say such a thing about her. My crew and I, we all respect her. And we will continue to respect each other for times to come! May God keep Eshal Fayyaz well and Safe. And may God give guidance to those black wolves among good journalists who spread such kind of news.”

Watch Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s full interview here:


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