Marvel has reached the finale of Avengers series. Avengers: Endgame is going to be 22nd and second last film of the third phase of the Mavel Cinematic Universe. We will be seeing more of Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and Black Widow in upcoming phase. But at the same time, everyone is wondering that what will happen to the original six who laid the foundation of the Avengers. Many fear that Marvel will end the characters of Captain America, Iron Man and few others in Endgame.

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But the question that arises is this, “Is it sensible to kill these characters”. People have emotions attached to these characters and Marvel have built their popularity worldwide due to those characters. So is it sensible to kill any of original six avengers and break millions of hearts. Let’s talk about the future of original six Avengers.

Captain America:-

Captain America has been the perfect head of the Avengers. Chris Evans has all the qualities of being a great leader. He might not be as strong and powerful as the Hulk or Thor, but Cap suited the best as the head of the Avengers. Chris Evans always stood by the right side. The sacrifices he made to become what he has become today were heartening. Captain America has millions of fans worldwide. The character is probably the most loved character in USA. There has been many hints given recently that Ruso Brothers are going to break hearts of millions by killing Captain America. But at the same time Marvel will probably play bigger than everyone is expecting. Probably the cause for which Cap will sacrifice will make us love him more.

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Iron Man:-

Iron Man was the one who started the journey of Avengers 11 years back. And Tony Stark is probably the most popular character among all the original six Avengers. Robert Downey Jr has portrayed the character perfectly. We all love the way Robert has always stood up and we all love his brilliance. And then the way he came out as a mentor in Spider Man Homecoming made us all love him even more. Marvel cashed on that relationship big time with Spidey dying in the arms of Iron Man in Infinity War. Talking about the future, there has been rumors everywhere that Tony will leave Avengers after this project. Firstly, the contract of Tony ends post this film. Secondly, we saw a new mentor of Tom Holland in the trailers of Spider Man Far From Home. Well, it does sound to be the last film of Iron Man but it doesn’t mean he will die. Of course Tony will take a lot of hits in Endgame and will like to take a break after Endgame and pass on the torch to Captain Marvel. But we can always see friendly cameos of the star in the upcoming films like in Spider Man Far From Home.

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Thor came out as a huge Avengers character in Infinity War. We all love Thor’s attitude and we also love the way he has always been confident about himself. We also wish that he had gone for the head. He is one of the strongest Avengers out there. His contract also dries out post Avengers: Endgame. But that doesn’t mean they will end the character of Thor. Thor will definitely go on. He won’t join the Avengers as he never likes wearing suits. But he will always be there to help. And we will probably see more of his independent movies. He will probably be the leading man of Phase 4.


Hulk is easily the most powerful character of the Avengers and we all love him. He is furious, but at the same time he has got a heart of gold. Star is easily one of the most loved characters of the Avengers. Hulk will definitely give his services in the coming phase.

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Black Widow:-

Black Widow will play a major part in the upcoming phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scarlet Johansson is one of the most popular characters of the Avengers. There is already a news out there that she will be getting a solo film in Phase 4. So Black Widow will definitely live!


We haven’t seen Hawkeye as sad as he is shown in Avengers: Endgame trailers. He has probably taken a huge hit from the snap of Thanos. He will fight big in Endgame, but we will definitely see him in Phase 4. He will probably feature in the films of Black Widow.

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