Aladdin is just a few days away from its release and the movies is coming with high expectations. The live action version of the much loved animated movie, is surely going to be full of colors and renditions of original music.

Zayn Malik Adds Magic to Aladdin With His Rendition of A Whole New World!

Last week Disney released Zayn Malik’s version of “A whole new world”. The movie’s musics is very important for the film and all the original songs have been remade.

IGN recently released a new clip from the movie where Will Smith is in human form. He sings Prince Ali as Aladdin enters Agrabah impersonating a fake Prince.

Aladdin is seen ride a Mammoth dressed in fancy turban. The entrance is not only grand but also extremely colorful. The clip will make you nostalgic and remind you of the original film.

Aladdin’s Trailer Is An Enchanting & Nostalgic Experience

This live action version of the animation is set to hit theaters on 24 May internationally. The film stars Meena Massoud, Naomi Watts and Will Smith in lead roles.


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