After Sunny Deol looks like Kangana deserves an all out boycott from Pakistani audiences!

Sunny Deol was one of the biggest stars of Indian Cinema in the end of 1990s and start of 2000s however the actor’s fame saw a sudden downfall! His stardom was lost overnight and his films became massive disasters and he did not manage to recover from this down fall.

Sunny Deol gave mega Hits like Border and Gadar Ek Prem Katha. Gadar released back in 2001 and still stands tall as one of the biggest hits ever to come out of Indian Cinema but after that the star saw a massive down fall in his career. Usually when a star gives a HIT he sees a good career for at least next 3-4 years but Sunny Deol failed to find any hit after 2001. He gave flops for 10 consecutive years and next found success in 2011 with Yamla Pagla Deewana, which wasn’t a huge Hit either.

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So what really went wrong? Let’s break it down. It was primarily because of bad content however not many know that an even greater and more impactful factor contribution to the downfall of Sunny Deol was, that Pakistanis worldwide boycotted Sunny Deol.

Back in early 2000s, the biggest revenue stream for stars were their Overseas tours and we all remember how successful overseas tours Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan used to have. And in those Overseas tours biggest attendance used to be Overseas Pakistanis who used to come out to see these Bollywood stars.

Sunny took on projects which were anti-Pakistan consecutively. This offended Pakistanis Worldwide who decided to boycott him. As a result Sunny Deol’s overseas shows ended up getting cancelled. In fact one of his tours was cancelled midway as well! His films fared poorly Overseas and over the time big banners started to turn away from the star. As a result, the actor who gave mega Blockbuster in 2001 faded out in just couple of years and couldn’t find any big hit in his career.

In light of recent tensions between the countries, in a recent interview Kangana Ranaut commented that she wants the destruction of Pakistan. Playing the blame game is one thing but wishing for the destruction of a whole nation is ruthless.

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Following these remarks, Pakistanis worldwide should not only stop going to any of her shows Overseas but also boycott her films forever! At present day, major revenue of films comes from Overseas and if Pakistanis boycott Kangana’s films then it will be doomsday for the actress. We already did it once with Sunny Deol and now we should do it with Kangana Ranaut. It is high time that we set another example and send out a message to her that we will never forget and never forgive.

Even though Kangana’s statement was a publicity stunt to get on the good side of her fellow industry members who had turned on her after her egotistical attitude towards them. Her recent film Manikarnika has already crashed in Pakistan and Overseas. Since her statement EPK has started a boycott Kangana campaign following which we have seen a noticeable fall in box office collections of the film.

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On behalf of all fellow Pakistanis we would like to say that we believe in peace and harmony. However we cannot tolerate anyone wishing something so ruthless for us. Kangana this situation between two countries will get better over time but we will not forgive you for saying such harsh statements.


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