Fantastic beasts Crimes of Grindelwald has hit the screens on Friday 16 November 2018. The movie’s content will be connecting to the Harry Potter franchise. Unlike the previous movie which was set in a completely different setting with new characters. The sequel will be taking us back to Hogwarts and also introducing the younger version of beloved Headmaster Professor Dumbeldore played by Jude Law. The movie is also said to further shed light on Dumbeldore’s past. Another interesting bit about the movie is that Nagini, which was Lord Voldomort’s snake and horcrux, was in fact a witch! The movie also has ancestors of Bellatrix Lestrange. The movie has a lot to offer to fans with Harry Potter nostalgia.

While fans have high expectation from the movie some have shown reservation about watching it. There is an ongoing debate regarding the presence of Johnny Depp in the venture. Fans demanded Warner Bros to remove Depp and recast for the role of Grindelwald. After giving it a lot of thought they went ahead with Depp.

The Director David Yates and producer David Heyman also released a joint statement “We recognized the magnitude of the issues raised and understood the strength of feeling expressed. We hoped and strived at all times to be sensitive to both parties. We stand by our decision to have Johnny in the films.”



Johnny Depp is a beloved actor of Hollywood. He has been time and again accredited for his roles in movies like Pirates of Caribbean. However when news broke about physical abuse allegation by his now ex-wife Amber Heard, many fans were disappointed.  Although the allegations were denied and when the case settled both parties agreed that neither had any such intention of physical and emotional abuse.

This has not stopped fans from showing concern about his involvement in the movie. At the time when the Metoo movement is on the rise, Johnny Depp has to face the brunt. The real question is if Johnny Depp’s starrer Fantastic Beast Crimes of Grindelwald will be affected by this? The fans seem divided. Depp’s character Grindelwald was introduced towards the end of the first movie. He was under disguise but was caught and incarcerated. As the title suggests he will be the main focus in this installment.

The promotions of the movie have been in full swing. What is interesting is that Depp hasn’t been seen in that many promotional activities either. Which bears yet another question whether it is calculated move by the film makers to avoid controversy or is just due to Depp’s busy schedule?

He made his first appearance at the London premiere along with other stars and film makers including J.K Rowling. Rowling has also publicly supported Depp on this controversy . Depp himself regretted the pressure she had to face. He has also mentioned that he was falsely accused and will be suing the Sun Newspaper for reporting this false news. It has only been one day since its release, lets see if the theaters will be seeing a full house in the days to follow.


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