Akhri Station:

This drama revolves around the hardships faced by the women of our society. It’s based on 7 characters that share their problems with each other in the compartment of train during their journey from Lahore to Karachi. Issues highlighted in “Akhri Station” include domestic violence against the women, acid attacks, forced prostitution, drug abuse and overcoming of depression. One episode each is dedicated to the story of one of the seven protagonists of the drama. Their stories of living with hardship and not losing faith are absorbing and inspiring. The cast is well chosen and  includes talented actors like Sanam Saeed, Nimra Bucha, Meekal Zulifqar, Eman Suleman and others. The drama is written by Amna Mufti, directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and produced by Kashf Foundation which had already given us the blockbusters like Udaari and Rehai based on social issues that needs to be conveyed to the society.


Akhri Station’s all Ladies in compartment


Zun Mureed:

This drama also highlights the menace of domestic violence against the women and legal protections afforded to them under the latest legislation like Women Protection Bill 2006. Though these laws have been criticized by many people in our society “Zun Mureed” shows how the oppressed women can get relief by using the legal process. The story revolves around the life of happily married couple Tabssum and Sajad played by Nadia Khan and Omair Rana respectively. Tabssum’s life takes an ugly turn when her husband suddenly starts using physical violence against her.   Tabssum dared to use the benefit of Women Protection Bill by reporting against her husband for beating her. She faces immense pressure from the family to take her case back but she perseveres and gets relief for her. In our male chauvinistic society using violence against the women is considered a matter of pride. The play tries it’s best to lay such evil notions to rest. “Zun Mureed” is  masterfully written by Amna Mufti, directed by Ahmed and produced by Mommal Entertainment.


Nadia Khan as Tabbsum in Zun Mureed


These dramas go off the beaten track and stay true to their purpose i.e., be the change agents in the society. Women face a lot of difficulties in our society and bringing these issues to the fore in a sensitive manner deserves our support.



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