spiderman far from home

Spider Man Far From Home was slated for release on July 5,more than a month after Avengers Endgame. The film has garnered buzz especially after its trailer’s release.

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The film stars Tom Holland, Zendeya and Jake Gyllenhall along with Samuel L Jackson. Unlike, the previous two actors who played Spider Man, Tom Holland has come off as a more acceptable and cool version of Spider Man.

Zendeya and Tom Holland in SpiderMan Far From Home

The upcoming Spider man film’s release date has now been moved to 2 July instead. This move peaks curiosity as to why the early release, especially on a week day. Lets break it down to possible reasons why the release date has been moved

First of all the film will soon be followed by a series of children’s film including the much awaited live action The Lion King releasing on 19 July! This film will prove to be a major competitor to Spider Man. Some other children’s films include Dora and the Lost City of Gold (July 31), Disney’s Artemis Fowl (August 9) and Angry Birds Movie 2 (August 14).  

Tony Stark and Peter Parker from Spiderman Homecoming

Also the trailer has given a clear indication that this spidey flick will not have Tony Stark! Previously Iron Man and Spider Man shared a special bond and he was in fact his mentor. His absence is a huge bummer. With Avengers Endgame we will find out the fate of Iron Man.How it ends will also amount for how Spider Man does at box office.

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Also the makers probably believe that they have a good enough film that they can cash in on the holiday weekend, it being 4 of July in US. Without Tony and the pressure of a heavy release flow, Spider Man will be faced with a lot of competition. Lets see how well the film does on its own without Tony Stark!


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