Crazy Rich Asians not nominated for Oscars

Crazy Rich Asians was a smashing hit at boxoffice worldwide last year earning 238m $ worldwide. Although the film did not see release in Pakistan , film saw fantastic run in North America where film opened with 26m $ in it’s opening Weekend yet went on to collect 174.5m $ in North America. These stats speak of huge appreciation and phenomenal result for 30m $ budgeted rom-com.

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What stood out was the fact that the film has a complete Asian cast. The story takes the audience to the lavish world of rich Asians. The film revolves around marriage and relationships between the male and female protagonist as well as with the mother in law. Stars delivered fantastic performances blended with superb screenplay and marvelous visuals.

Crazy Rich Asian
Crazy Rich Asian

Ever since the Oscar announced the nominations, one can’t wonder how can they ignore such a beautiful film completely. Well we can somehow argue on Best Film category but how come film is not nominated in categories like Best Costumes, Best Make up and Costume Design.

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Hollywood has been undergoing the revolution of being more inclusive. The industry has begun to realize the importance of this and making of a film like Crazy Rich Asian was a step in the right direction. The film received a lot of praise and after its nominations at this year’s Golden Globes, it was anticipated that this recognition will be reciprocated by the Academy Awards.

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This scenario makes us raise a question on the credibility and criteria of Oscars for choosing films. On one hand a mediocre film like The Black Panther has become a rare nomination being a black super hero film. If any super hero film should have made the cut it should have been the biggest hit of 2018 i.e. Avengers Infinity War. Many have argued that the nomination is an attempt to avoid the no black nomination snub that had hit the Oscars hard in the past.

Black Panther
Black Panther

However when we talk about inclusion then all cultures and ethnic backgrounds deserve to be noticed especially if the content has been admired and approved by the audience. Crazy Rich Asians should have made the cut.

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Oscars need to work on this as The Academy represent the cinema of whole world and they need to give importance to every film whether it has black cast or all out Asian cast.

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