Now that Avengers Endgame has been in cinemas for two weeks, we are finding out more facts about the film. Recently in a podcast the Russo brothers revealed a film cut that could have been hilarious.

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Those who have seen endgame already know that there is a scene in which Captain America time travels to the New York fight, in order to get the infinity stone and in doing so runs into his past version. His past version thinks that he is Loki and engages in a fight. This scene was pretty cool and epic.

On similar grounds, there was also another scene in which Thor travels back to Asgard and gets caught by his past version. However the scene didn’t move past initial script draft .

Thor in Endgame
Thor in Endgame

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The reason given for the change in script was because they thought it had gotten overly complicated. That is why they moved it and incorporated Thor and his mother’s interaction instead. That scene was more meaningful for his journey than meeting his former self according to them.

Even if they had included the scene it could have been a comical one where drunk Thor would have definitely totally lost to his former self.


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