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Very rarely we get to see something different, something unique, in the Pakistani drama industry. While many of the television entertainment we see today has made numerous strides in the field, there still is a certain niche that both writers and directors stick to. Family dramas and romances are the most prominent ones that come to mind. But there is a world of genres out there that our industry needs to explore.

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ARY’s Bandish has become one of the pioneers in traversing such unexplored genres. The drama is the production of Big Bang Entertainment. With only four episodes out yet, Bandish has attracted attention from every platform, be it social media or respected news sources. The amount of hype and mystique that has been created around this one drama has certainly raised the same question in all of our minds: what is it about Bandish that has made it stand out from every other drama?

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The story of Bandish follows a close-knit family of a husband and wife and their three daughters who find themselves the victims  of an evil woman’s black magic. While on a surface  level this seems like a mere horror story, there is a lot more to the drama. Madiha (Marina Khan) finds herself worrying about her eldest daughter Sania (Hira Mani) who is of marrying age. Her husband Junaid (Sajid Hasan) falls under the charms of a woman at his office, Sandal (Zainab Ahmed) who is the sister of Sumbul (Farah Shah), a woman out for revenge against this family. This revenge takes the form of magic being used to disrupt Sania finding a good proposal and their youngest daughter Aleena getting possessed by an evil spirit. The plot ties together pretty well and we see how Sumbul does everything in her power and resorts to black magic to ruin the lives of this family.


The story itself is pretty gripping in nature, but that’s not all that it has going for it. The best thing about Bandish is how it integrates different genres together to make it riveting. While the horror element is there from the start, the family drama and romance factor is included as well, and at no point during the drama do you feel overwhelmed by all these different factors. It is truly a talent to balance all these aspects of a story well while making sure every part of the audience is catered to, and Bandish really succeeds in doing so.

To exclude the talented actors would be removing half of the reasons why this drama is doing so well. Hira Mani and Zubab Rana, who plays the second sister Hania, do a wonderful portrayal of the average sisters. It is the youngest sister Aleena, played by Hoorain, that has really won our hearts. She depicts the terror of being possessed so well that many times I found myself gripping the edge of my seat in horror as well. The actors were picked very strategically and all do their best in Bandish.

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With so many positive attributes working in its favor, it is no wonder that Bandish is on top of our lists of favorite dramas currently airing. The most shocking thing is how it has garnered such attention and fan base in a mere four episodes. We can hardly imagine how popular it will become after a certain number of episodes. So go watch Bandish on ARY if you want to be scared and enthralled at the same time. 

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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