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Game Of Thrones is just two episodes away from its epic finale and a lot of the characters are already playing mind games. We all already knew that Jon Snow’s biggest secret is going to have a colossal effect on GOT’s story and likewise it appears that the effect has started to take place.

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Ever since Jon Snow finds out that he is the last Targaryen, he does not tell anyone except Dany. In the 4th Episode, Dany requests Jon not to disclose this information to anyone else. She worries that this may have an affect on their relationship and also that this may alter Northerns’ attitude towards her as a Queen. Nevertheless, Jon still feels that Arya Stark and Sansa Stark are the “Last Of The Starks” and his only family and therefore he tells them.

Jon confines in both Arya and Sansa. However before telling them, he takes an oath from them not to disclose the secret to any other living soul. Soon after the scene ends, a conversation is shown between Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. Sansa drops a hint at Tyrion telling him that there might be someone who could be a better a ruler than Dany. Later in the directors commentary the creators revealed that its in fact Sansa who has told Tyrion, the secret

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Tyrion then passes on the secret to Varys as both discuss the possibility of Jon as king at multiple times. Although both of them are in Daenerys’ advisers cabinet, however they still discuss a possibility of either Jon as king or both Dany and Jon together on the throne.

We are yet to find out in two weeks time that who is going to sit at the throne but for now 8 people know this secret and its Sansa who has broken the oath. Before this episode, only four people knew about this secret.

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