We have previously updated you about the blatant use of pirated Pakistani films by popular cable operators such as Wateen. They have been airing Pakistani films illegally on their CD channels. Their complete disregard of the law comes as a surprise. We also previously informed you about how Wateen is guilty of taking the content of various films from ARY and playing the same content on their CD channels by blurring the logo of “ARY”. While we attached pictorial evidence of this illegal act from Ary’s channel, there are several other cases too.

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Humayun Saeed and Saadia Jabbar condemned the act and are seeking legal action. We also got the comment of film producer Wajahat Rauf.

The producer of Lahore se Agay, Wajahat Rauf said that he wants authorities to regulate the matter. He said that they have contacted Pemra and the discussion is on the tables. The unlawful practice has been put into Pemra’s knowledge. Very soon they would expect some action against cable operators.

Renowned producers have expressed their concern on the matter. We also inquired Pakistan Film Producers Association about what they have been doing for the safeguard of their member’s intellectual and creative rights?

Kamran Ejaz, the general secretary of Pakistan Film Producers Association told us that they have been trying to get the matter resolved. They have written complaint letters. They have complained against cable operators, few channels and silver screens. They have approached Pemra and local administrators however the matter has not been resolved yet.

They were asked to produce two witnesses along with a letter informing them about which area and which cable operator they would like to report against. Even when these requirements were met, no action was taken against the cable operators. PFPA have again submitted complaints.

While, it is a common practice for films to be pirated and made available on internet portals as unfortunately that practice can not be controlled however we do have a proper content regulatory body i.e Pemra for regulating content being aired by cable operators.

Therefore, EPk suggests that Pakistan Film Producers Association should take collective action. Producers should approach Pemra together to get their message across. Cable operators have been blatant and unapologetic. Therefore, legal action should be taken.

Comments of Humayun Saeed, Saadia Jabbar and Kamran Ejaz


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