Avengers Endgame is easily one of the biggest films ever to come out in the world cinema. Film is set to hit screens worldwide on 26th April. Featuring all our favorite superheroes, film’s trailers already have mammoth response on the social media.

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There are various theories already going around on the internet predicting the finale of Avengers: Endgame. The second released trailer of the film had a tagline that said, “Whatever it takes”. This tagline completely suits the current situation of the Disney films in Pakistan.

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Recently released Disney’s smash hit Captain Marvel hasn’t been released in Pakistan yet. And as per sources, there are few issues going on between distributors and Disney and we hope that they get sorted soon and we get to see the much anticipated film.

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Fans are already upset with the non release of Captain Marvel and with current situation, they are now extremely worried about the release of Endgame. Now that’s the point where tagline of second trailer fits. Fans are saying to the distributors and exhibitors to do “Whatever it takes” to make the release of Avengers Endgame happen in Pakistan.

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