movies releasing this friday 15 novemeber

Pakistani film Talash is the first major release this Friday. Also, two new Hollywood releases will hit the screens this weekend and both have some big names attached. But both the films are catering to niche audiences.The holdover releases are not having good time at the box office either at the ticket window. This weekend will be a slow one at the box office but it does offer cinegoers a vast variety of genres this weekend!

Lets have a look all the films screening in cinemas across Pakistan this weekend!

Movies Releasing This Week

1. Talash

Ahmed Zeb, Fariya Hassan and Noman Sami starrer Pakistani film Talash hitting the screens a month after Kaaf Kangana and Durj. The film is carrying very low buzz but due to a dull season at the box office, Talash has managed to get good amount of shows for its opening weekend. If you are up for a romantic thriller or looking to watch a Pakistani movie this weekend then Talash will work for you.

2. Ford v Ferrari

First major Hollywood release of the weekend is Ford v Ferrari. The film has big names in the cast as for the very first time audiences will see Matt Damon and Christian Bale in a film together. The film is directed by James Mangold who last directed 2017’s super hit film Logan. Critics are all praises for this biography drama as the film carries rotten tomatoes score of 90%. If you are a fan of Matt Damon, Christian Bale, biographies or cars then go for Ford v Ferrari.

3. Charlie’s Angels

Famous television series of 1970s Charlie’s Angles is being rebooted for the third time. The last rendition we saw was 2003 Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore starrer. This time around the film has been written and directed by Hunger Games star Elizebath Banks. The film stars Twilight series famed Kristen Stewart, Aladdin famed Naomi Scot and Ella Balinska along with Banks herself. The film carries a good 65% score at rotten tomatoes and if you are fan of the cast or the Charlie’s Angels series then the film is perfect for you.

Holdover Releases….

1. Doctor Sleep

The sequel of 1980’s The Shinning opened last week but response was lackluster. Doctor Sleep had a disastrous start in North America but critics aren’t that harsh with the film. Mike Flangan directorial has a rotten tomatoes score of 76%. Doctor Sleep is a horror thriller and is carrying the brand value of The Shinning, so if you are up for some horror and thrill or you a fan of Shinning then catch Doctor Sleep this Weekend.

2. Midway

Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson and Woody Harrelson starrer Midway enters its second Weekend. Historical war drama is getting bashed by critics from Hollywood as the the film has a rotten tomatoes score of mere 42% but looks like cine goers are not agreeing with critics. The film is earning well at the box office and has gotten A from Cinemascore. So if you are up for some action war movie then go for Midway this week.

3. Terminator: Dark Fate

Sixth installment of Terminator enters its third weekend with steady box office performance in Pakistan. Terminator: Dark Fate stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton and if you are a fan of Terminator series then you should catch the film this weekend.

4. Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil enters its 5th weekend and the film is the surprise hit of the season at Pakistani box office. Even though Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil has rotten tomatoes score of mere 41%, the film is getting appreciation from cinegoers in Pakistan as the film has already crossed PKR 30 million mark. If you are a fan of fantasy films or the Maleficent franchise and you haven’t seen the film yet then catch it in the cinemas near you this weekend.

5. Joker

Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker enters its 7th weekend and the film is still playing at many shows nationwide. Joker is already a blockbuster and is currently 5th highest grossing English film of the year in Pakistan. The film has gotten huge appreciation from viewers as it has gotten 8.8m rating at IMDB. The film is at number 16 in top 250 film of IMDB. If you haven’t seen Joker yet then go for it this weekend.

Which film will you be heading out for this weekend?


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