Weekend Movie guide Pakistan

We have approached the middle of the week so it about time that you get your weekend plans in order. In case you are wondering which movies are running in cinemas this weekend we have got you covered. We have arranged the ultimate movie guide just for you.

There are various new releases this week, and that too starting from Thursday!

New releases


Gumm will be the first Pakistani film of the year 2019, and we hope it does wonders at the box-office. The Sami Khan starrer action thriller was originally made as a festival film, and was showcased at various international film festivals. It has received several awards and garnered great response. The thriller brings together a most wanted criminal and a father with an ill child in the middle of the forest. What got them there and what will happen, how will the story unfold, the trailer has got us intrigued. If you are looking to watch a thriller this weekend this is a good pick!

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2. Jackpot

Shoaib Khan’s Jackpot is re-releasing this weekend. The film was initally released with Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju due to which the its business was being affected. The film is a romantic comedy starring Noor Hassan, Sanam Chaudhry and Javed Sheikh.

3. KGF Chapter 1

Besides the two Pakistani films, a South Indian dubbed film KGF is also releasing on Thursday! Originally the film was supposed to release simultaneously with India but due to release of major films like Zero and Simmba its release was pushed to 10 Jan. The trailer looks very interesting and it has gotten really good reviews in India.

4.Instant Family

Mark Walberg and Rose Byrne starrer Instant Family is a American comedy that revolves around a couple who decide to adopt three children. They have to learn the art of parenting and endure hilarious encounters while doing so. The film was released world wide in November, however it is releasing here just now.

5. Escape room

Escape room is a drama/mystery movie that brings together a couple of strangers in an escape room that turns out to be extremely deadly. They must solve the puzzle to live or else die. If you are looking for some nail biting thriller this could be it!

Movies from previous weeks


The Ranveer Singh starrer Simmba has been getting great response from the audience. The story is about a bad cop that transitions into good cop after someone close to him gets raped. The movie is a remake of a South Indian film and also stars the gorgeous Sara Ali Khan. It has maintained a strong hold in terms of box office collection as well.


SRK starrer Zero took off very well however after release of Simmba its business took a hit. The film has been met harshly with critics as well. The fillm is about a vertically challenged man and a scientist with cerebral palsy(played by Anushaka Sharma)

3. Aquaman

Aquaman is a DC comic movie that centers around Aquaman the son of the land and sea. He is approached by a women from the sea that informs him that his half brother is about to declare war on land. She tries to convince him to claim his place as King.


Bumblebee is a spin-off of Transformers and takes place in 1987. It stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. This is a PG 13 movie and can be enjoyed by children and adults both. The film has been doing pretty well and it is probably going to be its last week of running.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, go catch it now!

5.Mary Poppins Returns

The classic Mary Poppins has gotten a remake as Mary Poppins Returns. The film was released last week in Pakistan. Emily Blunt is playing Mary Poppin in the new version. The movie is essentially a children’s movie and is full of fantasy and imagination. If you are looking for something new for you children this could be a good choice.


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