Mortal Engines is a thrilling Sci-fi movie by Peter Jackson. The visual effects are extremely impressive needless to say that they are quite intriguing. The movie is about a girl trying to exact revenge on the person who killed her mother. The second half of the movie further unfolds Valentine’s plan to use a machine to destroy cities. She then teams up with a group of fighters to put a stop to it.

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The movie which has been produced by the makers of Lord of the rings and The hobbit, released  in Pakistan on 7th December whereas it was scheduled to release one week later than Pakistan in USA. As the movie wraps its first weekend in Pakistan, we have gotten its box office numbers. The movie which was distributed by Footprint in Pakistan, has bagged 35 lacs over the weekend. The film was allocated less number of shows across cinemas here however it has still managed to make 35 lacs which is quite good. The film has taken a promising start.


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