There are three new films set to hit screens tomorrow. First One is ARY Films presentation SherDil starring Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan based on Pakistan Air Force. The second is a crime thriller presented by Footprint starring Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha. The third film which will be releasing tomorrow is an English horror thriller presented by Footprint and helmed by “Get Out” famed director Jordan Peele.

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There is going to be a Holiday of Pakistan Day on 23rd March i.e. Saturday which gives an opportunity to all three releases to settle and grow over the Weekend.

As per our prediction, the Weekend is going to be led by ARY Film’s SherDil. The film will be cashing on the current heightened tensions between Pakistan and India. The film’s content and release timings resonate with the current situation and Pakistan Day.

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The film is being distributed by ARY Films. ARY films have run efficient promotions so far and have managed to create a good buzz among cinegoers. The film has also seen a decent advance ticket sale which further reinstates the predication that Sherdil will lead among the three films.

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SherDil is anticipated to lead over the Weekend as it banks upon nationalist sentiments and bases upon Pakistan Air Force. The film’s relevance with the current situation is likely to push the film’s business significantly.

Film will probably see a huge pick on Saturday as the topic of the film is fitting to Pakistan Day. Therefore, SherDil is anticipated to lead with a good margin from the other two releases.

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Laal Kabootar and the horror thriller Us will be in a neck to neck competition for the second spot. Laal Kabootar has an edge that it has been allocated more shows and screens in comparison with the Hollywood thriller. This definitely will be a crucial factor which will allow it to secure second spot.

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Film will see picks over the Weekend but a lot depends on its starting point. If the film’s starting point rakes in decent numbers then the film will have good chances of securing a respectable opening Weekend. However, if we assess the advance ticket sales of the film, then Laal Kabootar is expected to take a very slow start tomorrow and that’s not a good sign for film.

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Jodran Peele’s Us is already creating a havoc all over Hollywood. It has received raving reviews and has garnered massive buzz among trade in North America.

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Film’s content may not be a common Pakistani’s cup of tea however, the genre of horror will push the film’s initials and if the content clicks with the cinegoers then this film will have very long legs at the boxoffice. This film is more of a long race horse rather than initial dependent.

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