Wednesday Drama Guide: Ramsha & Muneeb's Kaisa Hai Naseeban leads significantly

6th February Wednesday dramas

With two exciting episodes of Qaid and Kaisa Hai Naseeban and the concluding episode of Tawaan, it was a very pleasurable week for these dramas. We were happy to see Tawaan end on such a happy note and can’t wait to see what drama is going to replace it and if it will live up to Tawaan’s level.

Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

Picking up from last episode, Reham who had been living with Bari Api for the past few days was brutally made to live in a broken down shed by the other family members who couldn’t bear to have her in the house. Bari Api feels guilty for letting Reham be thrown into the shed and tries to speak up for her. Ashir also overhears one of his other aunts plot to make Reham’s life even more difficult and it seems as if he might try to protect her after all. Generally, it was a nice episode and introduced plot aspects that will propel the story forward, specially the redemption of Reham in front of Ashir’s eyes. The only criticism we have of this episode was how unnecessarily drawn out some monologue scenes were in which the character is merely shown thinking; there isn’t even a voiceover to accompany it. If such banal scenes are taken out the drama is genuinely enjoyable to watch.

Tawaan (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Like we said, the last episode of Tawaan aired and it was just what we had hoped! Although initially Maryam refuses to forgive Shehroze and even sends divorce papers to his house, eventually she realizes that she loves him. In a conversation with Zaman where he tries to convince her to now marry him, Maryam realizes that she loved Shehroze after all. The latter overhears this and tries to intervene to make Zaman leave her, which leads to a fight between the two. Maryam gets caught in the middle and has to be taken to the hospital but eventually both her and Shehroze get back together and are happy. However the ending they gave to Zaman was honestly disappointing. Making antagonists die through suicide is such a typical trope and seems like lazy writing; we would have preferred if Zaman had actually gotten some redemption, which would have made this ending a whole lot better.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

Mariam’s struggles continue as she secretly receives a phone from her manager at work to talk to her parents and sister back home. While Ahmed’s sister Sana gets married to the guy she was in love with, Mariam’s own sister Farah is also planning to get married to Affan. Affan was previously in love with Mariam but now agrees to marry her sister. The general mood of the episode seemed to be regret as Affan remembered his days with Mariam and vice versa. The episode returned to its usual air by the end when a call by Mariam’s parents reveals to him that Mariam secretly had a phone. We’re so pleased with this drama and the way it is handling such a tough topic as domestic abuse. Instead of glamorizing it, Kaisa Hai Naseeban lays bare the problem in its full extent.


By a huge margin, Kaisa Hai Naseeban wins this one! It is not just thoughtful and invoking but has a plot that has us hooked to it every Wednesday. Hopefully Tawaan will be replaced by an equally interesting drama.

What were your thoughts on these dramas?

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