While Shamoon Abbasi is busy with the making of his upcoming webseries “Mind Games” we are waiting for his movie Durj that is based on Cannibalism. The story seems extremely dark and chilling. We reached out to Shamoon to find out the latest update on the release date of the film.

Exclusive on Durj: Location and cinematography

When will Durj be released?

The date will be announced soon. We will be making the announcement in 10-12 days. It will be a surprise as we will also be revealing from where it will be releasing.

What can you tell us about Nauman Jawed’s character?

He is playing a lawyer in Durj. Somebody who is deep inside dealing with the case of these cannibals. There are a few details that I won’t be able to share with you about his role. But he has done a good job, this is probably his first film, so he has done his best, he is a rock star himself and a very hardworking guy. So I am glad to have him in this film.

Durj: a good intentioned nightmare

How has been the feedback to the trailer that was recently released?

The trailer has received great response, and 99.9 % of the feedback has been positive, not just in Pakistan but people around the world have appreciated the trailer,which has given us a lot of strength and confidence. Once we have seen all this positive feedback, we are feeling more responsible to release a flawless movie. We are hoping that people are going to like it because it is not typical masala type movie, it is something on a subject, but it has entertaining aspects other wise. Entertainment in my view is engagement, and Durj is going to keep the audience engaged that is for sure!

From the sets of Durj
From the sets of Durj

Shamoon’s look for the film is very scary and is giving off a savage vibe. The film is based on a different topic that has not been touched before, so it will be interesting to see what the film has to offer.


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