The siblings Hania Chima and Kamil Chima have recently ventured into film making and produced an intriguing crime thriller Laal Kabootar starring Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha. In a friendly conversation with Epk, the makers of Laal Kabootar told us that they are not stressed about the result of the film.

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The cool and calm Harvard graduates told EPK that their parents never fretted about their courses and grades either. They grew up in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Although the two managed good grades but they were never pressured nor did they worry too much about reaping good or bad results. The jovial and happy-go-lucky makers said they usually get good results anyway and therefore they were very optimistic about the outcome of the film too!

Hania Chima and Kamil Chima

The young and hip film makers bring with them, positive energy, optimism, hard work and a cool vibe.  The duo bring their own flavors to the challenging task of film making and make it seem like a breeze!

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They further revealed that Laal Kabootar is a compact experience meant to grant audiences time to ponder upon the film. They hoped the audiences will talk about the film after the credits roll and that is exactly what happened after the film’s screening. People did talk.

Laal Kabootar received good reviews from many and although the film did not manage to create a buzz before release however after its screening, the film did receive a good enough buzz! Although Laal Kabootar has not been able to perform well at the boxoffice however the film has managed to attain raving reviews from prominent entertainment platforms which is truly also an achievement.

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Kamil Chima and Hania Chima have made a decent entrance into Film Making with Laal Kabootar. The duo seem to have more potential than that meets the eye. We can surely expect the two to give us a super hit one day if not with Laal Kabootar, perhaps once after they familiarize themselves with the dynamics of film making in Pakistan. For now, there are two new film makers on the block and they are the ones to watch out for!

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