Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan starrer Heer Maan Ja is running in cinemas nationwide. The film is a romantic comedy but has a very important message in its subtext. This is something that we have observed in their previous films as well. Having said that incorporating a serious issue with comedy can be a tricky issue. However for Hareem Farooq it is all about the story.

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Talking exclusively to Epk Hareem Farooq explained this further,

“I think when people think about comedy, they think about no story. We believe we need to have a story as well, otherwise we do not make nonsense comedy. There is always a story attached to it. Secondly we make sure it is family oriented, so that you can go watch it your families. The advantage of this is that if you continue with only comedy then it can keep you engaged for long and if it is not a family entertainer then how many people will go watch it? Eventually you want to go watch it with your families.

The third thing we believe in is giving out a message. We feel that it a social responsibility from Siyaah, to Janaan to Parchi to Heer Maan Ja, we hint on certain messages. We believe we don’t need to slap people with change but we can inject change, slowly and gradually. Cinema is a big platform to change mind-sets or at least provoke a thought process. If you are watching a film and if there is a certain message in it given in a very subtle manner, sub-consciously you start thinking about it”

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