Shaan Shahid’s directorial Zarrar is a much anticipated film of the Lollywood hero. The film stars the gorgeous Kiran Malik, veteran actors Nadeem Baig and Nayyer Ejaz. Fans have been waiting for quite some time now to see a glimpse of it.

Exclusive: Zarrar Sequel In The Works-Shaan Shahid

Talking to Epk, Shaan Shahid previously revealed that they will be launching character teasers for Zarrar. “Three teasers will be coming out Nadeem Baig’s, Kiran Malik’s and my own” He said.

This appears to be Shaan Shahid’s character tease and it surely looks very promising!

Zarrar Teaser Gets Thunderous Response From Trade

Zarrar’s exciting teasers are surely building our curiosity for the film!

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