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So far we have been introduced to all the characters of Mera Rab Waris along with their unique characteristics as well. Now the story is progressing as Haris is hell bent on marrying Aisha despite the objection by his mother and sisters.

The previous episode showed their engagement, however the upcoming episode teaser showed something shocking. Haris is going to back out of the wedding. The reason will probably be his mother who is seen arguing with him over this issue.

She is not willing to give Aisha the amount of love and respect that she deserves. Haris defends her, and is offended by her stance .However it seems like his mother will get to him and he will back out of the marriage. Even so he will be extremely heart broken about the decision.

It will be interesting to see what happens and what forces him to take this decision. It is pretty obvious that the decision will be temporary and they will end up marrying. The events that will unfold are something to look forward to. So check out the latest episode tonight!


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