Avengers infinity war ended on a cliff hanger, fans were eager what was to follow. Following the events of the Infinity War , Avenger’s Endgame was much awaited movie of the year, and Disney managed to cash in on the curiosity and increased its hype three fold. Before the release of its trailer no one even knew what the title of the film would be.

Star Wars Teaser Has Us Asking More Questions!

When the trailer was released, even the video’s title did not have the title either. It was revealed at the end of the trailer.All we knew was that the film will pick up where Infinity War ended. How the remaining heroes avenge Thanos and who will we part ways with was still vague. The title further increased curiosity.

Besides Endgame, there are numerous Disney movies lined up for this year. Among them one of the much awaited movie is Star Wars Episode IX. The network adopted a similar strategy for this movie as well. The title of the film was not revealed until its trailer.

Rise Of Skywalker

The previous movie was titled “The Last Jedi” and it killed off Luke Skywalker indicating that all the Jedis have died. Everyone was curious what will happen next .

Avengers: Endgame ticket sales break Star Wars’ records

The title of the upcoming movie is “Rise of Skywalker”. This indicates that possibly Rey is a Jedi and the film will centers around her coming into power. This title is not as exciting as as Endgame’s and has not excited fans much. It would have been better if they had stick with Episode 9 for now and revealed it later.

Rise Of Skywalker

The strategy that was so successful in case of Avengers Endgame, failed to work in case of Star Wars. Will the film draw in audiences now that the title has hinted on the story? It is hard to say. Star Wars has a dedicated following especially in US. So it can be anticipated that the audience will be affected by a small fraction.

One thing is for sure that the strategy hasn’t worked in case of Star Wars and the network will have to be careful in future what they reveal. They better come up with better strategy in the future.


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