Shah Rukh Khan is going through a very bad phase in his career and needs a huge hit at the boxoffice. His last film, Zero was made with a whooping budget of 270 crores INR.The film raked in under 90 crores approx in India and emerged as a huge flop. However, it somehow managed to become the second highest grosser of SRK in Pakistan but still remained a loss for the distributor.

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Let’s analyze if Srk’s last film was a bad choice for him and also drive what Khan needs to learn from Zero’s poor performance.


Zero appeared to be perfect because of the names which were attached with the film. Aanand L Rai had 100% track record at the boxoffice before Zero. The film maker always managed to create heart touching romantic stories with an impressive narrative which made his films a hit at the boxoffice. Aanand L Rai proved to be the best director for romantic films out there and Shah Rukh Khan is known as the king of romance therefore this was the best combination for a romantic film.

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However, Aanand L Rai’s previous films were working on a tried and tested formula which was targeting the locals of India. Ananad La Rai chose to experiment with Zero and changed his story telling style to suit bigger audiences particularly in the second half of the film which did not gel well. While his original style garnered success, Zero did not perform well.

Previously, his films were based on a reasonable budget and they turned out to be huge boxoffice grossers which indicates that it is the quality of the content and not budget that makes or breaks the film. His previous films were loved for their content.

Shahrukh Khan and Aanand L Rai

But with Zero Aanand L Rai went all out and incurred a very high cost, relying a lot on VFX. He went to States and even to NASA while the film also showed Mars. Now these were all those factors which one could never expect in a Aanand L Rai film and it was there that the product started to go off track.

Even though they pulled off superb VFX but the weak script was largely to blame for the film’s fiasco. Himanshu and Aanand had declared that they were going out of their shells and were trying something new. Apparently they were unable to handle it. In contrast Aamir Khan did a fine job with Dangal, while also playing an unconventional character.

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Zero’s debacle is the perfect example of how important it is to have a well constructed script. Shah Rukh Khan will have to understand that a script is a film’s core and therefore a good director, big budget, his stardom or even favorable conditions such as a holiday release will not be able to save a film that has a weak script. Therefore Khan should bring back the star who once again gave us films based on good content.

We all want the SRK back who used to pull off high octane quality characters like in Chak De India and My Name Is Khan. Or the SRK who made mass commercial blockbusters like Om Shanti Om and Chennai Express.

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