Waheed Murad in Armaan

There is no bigger star than Waheed Murad in the genre of Romance throughout the history of Pakistani Cinema. Waheed Murad’s legacy as a romantic chocolaty hero remains untainted. The legendary actor had a huge following and was very popular with the females. It is said that whenever his films were screened, the cinemas used to be throbbing with females more than males. The actor was undoubtedly one of the biggest stars ever to come out of Pakistani Cinema.

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The actor has numerous blockbusters to his credits and he set many benchmarks at the boxoffice. His films are still considered the finest romantic films of Pakistani Cinema.

Waheed Murad

He starred in some of the finest romantic blockbusters such as Baharo Phool Barsao, Heera Aur Pathar, Anjuman, Ehsaan, Andaleeb, Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri, Insaniyat, Naseeb Apna Apna, Kaneez, Hero and others. However, there is one film which can be said to be the biggest hit of his career i.e. Armaan. Armaan not only met with an exceptional response at ticket windows by running over 75 Weeks but it also set new trends through its romantic content nationwide.

The film’s music is still cherished today with songs being remade by huge stars like Shreya Ghoshal. Armaan has seen an adaptation by Tarang starring Fawad Khan in the lead. Armaan still stands out today because of its unique storyline and gripping narrative.

Waheed Murad

The film’s narrative had a natural and emotional flow which made one fall in love with the film instantly and the film went on to become an internationally acclaimed romantic flick. The film’s story line was extremely progressive where a guy falls in love with a pregnant girl. The film met with acceptance and love from universal audience.

The film’s talented director Pervaiz Malik captured the essence of the film so beautifully and brilliantly that this film became a huge sensation nationwide. In addition, Waheed Murad produced the film himself and also did a spectacular job.

Film’s tracks were extremely popular too and became national hits. This film actually became a cult hit and is one of the biggest hits ever in the history of Pakistani cinema.

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