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Jordan Peele’s horror thriller has concluded its first week at the Pakistani boxoffice with pretty decent trending. Film’s numbers are on very low levels, but one can’t expect big numbers from such an unconventional horror film.

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Film has wrapped its first week around 40 lacs approx. Film saw pretty good trending over the Weekdays as film brought in 45% of the Week’s total over the weekdays. This percentage is much more than normal.


If we compare it with Laal Kabootar then Laal Kabootar had raked in 40% of its Week’s total over the Weekdays whereas SherDil brought around 30% over weekdays. Although Us does have any comparison with SherDil as SherDil had a very strong Weekend. Nevertheless, collecting 30% business over Weekdays implies that SherDil had significantly better hold compared to both Us and Laal Kabootar.

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Below is film’s approximate breakdown.

Weekend.. 22 lacs
Weekdays.. 18 lacs
Total.. 40 lacs

It will be interesting to see how the film fares in week two. If film repeats similar numbers in Week two, then we can expect a good lifetime total.


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