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Horror thriller Us is said to be a follow up to Jordan Peele’s previous film Get Out. Get Out was a social commentary on Racism and it cleverly embedded its message in a thrilling and impactful narrative. The film was critically acclaimed for the wit, imagination, and the good writing that went into it.

Both Jordan Peele’s films are multilayered but Us is a notch better than Get Out because it touches upon various issues, comes with various flavors and offers you various interpretations.

Being a horror thriller, the film truly is a chilling experience but it also gives us breathers in between. It embeds comedy in a very natural and effective manner that lifts the mood and does not feel forced.

It’s a hugely imaginative and a well-crafted masterpiece which absolutely shone in every aspect. From beautiful direction, a brilliant background score, to great performances and what a clever story!

Lupita Nyong’o

A special mention goes out to the background score which was very spooky, alluring and catchy. It beautifully sets the mood of the film and compliments the film all too well. The score is by Michael Abels, and apparently this is only the second score he has created after Get Out which is just commendable.

Every actor has done justice to their roles, they are all playing a double role and yet they have managed to convince us that their double is truly a satanic another and not themselves because they very easily come across as two different people. It’s so natural that we even tend to forget that it’s the same actor playing both the roles.


Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o & Winston Duke play the leading couple. Lupta Nyong’o is outstanding in both her roles. Winston Duke comes across as funny, very natural and engaging. The child actors blow us away too.

The plot follows a family of four heading towards a summer house by a lake but things turn messy when one night their doppelgangers appear outside their home. It appears to be a home invasion but is much more satanic than that. The film has many layers if you delve into it however it boils down to whatever interpretation you choose to take from it.

For me, the film was more philosophical than a social commentary. The film outright tells us to look inside ourselves, to find ourselves, to find our flaws, and to accept our past! The doppelgangers being a metaphor for one’s dual personality because everyone essentially has a good and a bad side. A side that is tethered to us even if we tend to ignore it.

The film tells us to take off our rose tinted glasses, and see the world for what it really is. In one scene, Adelaide’s double tells her, “You could have taken me with you!”, implying that she was abandoned and left to suffer, while there could have been enough for the both of them.



So it is a sociopolitical drama, it makes references to capitalism, to slavery, it also refereed to an activist movement called the “Hands cross America”. The film puts a mirror in front of us and holds us and US (America in specific & us in general) accountable for our past and everything we do. It makes us “Think”.

Imagine all of this in one film! This truly makes surely makes for a masterpiece! I would rate this film a 4 stars. I believe Jordan Peele has introduced a very unique and meaningful film making style, one that will surely contribute richly to the cinema. And if you haven’t seen the film yet, I suggest you do give it a watch! It is definitely be worth your time.


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