Jordan Peele’s “Us” is all set to release in cinemas worldwide on 22nd March. Jordan Peele’s previous film “Get Out” received a phenomenal response from critics and audiences back in 2017. The movie also received multiple nominations for Oscars.

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Us is a horror thriller starring Lupita Nyong’o. It premiered recently in London and has received raving reviews. The film has gotten 100% at rotten tomatoes with 55 reviews counted while everyone is absolutely praising the film.

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David Edelstein from Vulture gave the film a fantastic review saying, “It’s what you want an artist of Peele’s sensibility and stature to attempt – to broaden his canvas, deepen his psychological insight, and add new cinematic tools to his kit.”


Peter Bradshaw from Guardian gave the film 4 stars out of 5. He said,” It’s a satirical doppelgänger nightmare of the American Way, a horrified double-take in the mirror of certainty, a realisation that the corroborative image of happiness and prosperity you hoped to see has turned its back, like something by Magritte”.

Justn Chang from Los Angeles Times was also all praise for the film. He wrote, “Beyond the jittery mechanics of attack and pursuit, what lingers is the unnerving intimacy of the whole situation, the terrible and mysterious sense of kinship that binds the Wilsons to their malevolent alter egos.”

Lapacazo Sandoval from New York Amesterdam News called Peele a clever social commentator.

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With such brilliant reviews, one can anticipate the film to be a sure-shot masterpiece just like Jordan Peele’s previous film, “Get Out”. Watch out for the film coming this Friday at cinemas near you! US is being distributed by Footprint in Pakistan.


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