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Jordan Peele’s Us met with raving reviews in North America. Although the film was not everyone’s cup of tea however it has raked in a decent business here in Pakistan. The film targets a niche audience and was therefore never expected to do much. However the film saw an opening weekend of about 22 lacs which is quite decent for a horror thriller.

Avengers: Endgame may release in Pakistan

Film raked in 7 lacs on its second Sunday. The thriller has pulled off a rarity by registering a better 2nd weekend than its 1st weekend. It appears that the good reviews of the film have come into play as the film has seen a pick of about 4% from its first weekend.


Humayun Saeed’s Project Ghazi Crashes Over The Weekend

Below is film’s approximate business till now.

Week One.. 40 lacs
2nd Friday.. 6.5 lacs
2nd Saturday.. 9.3 lacs

2nd Sunday.. 7 lacs
Total.. 63 lacs

The film has raked in a total of 63 lacs which is quite decent.


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