Producer Sohail Khan filed a petition against the screening of Bollywood films in Pakistan. The suit was filed after his film Shor Sharaba could not rake well at the box office as it was released along with Sanjay Dutt Biopic Sanju starring Rabir Kapoor.

Sohail Khan’s case against Indian Films has a new party involved.

The Indian film broke records and dominated the cinemas, while Shail Khan’s film got affected badly. The film was a flop that led the producer to file a suit to ban Indian films.

Sohail Khan has previously collaborated with Indian film maker Mahesh Butt, to make “Awarapan”. However after the failure of his film he has Bollywood to blame, and he is been calling for a full fledged boycott.

While the case was still ongoing, the Pulwana Incident occurred which led to heightened tensions between the two countries. Resultantly, Bollywood films have been banned in Pakistan. This was used as defense in the recent court hearing that was held today.

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In response to this, the judge ruled that if there is no Bollywood film released in the following 6 weeks, this case will be dismissed.


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