Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The new Pokemon Detective Pikachu trailer was released and it has so many more new Pokemon. We are taken through more of the neon lit Ryme City where Pokemon and Humans co-exist.

Ryan Reynolds is voicing Pikachu where as Justice Smith plays Tim, who is trying to solve his father Harry’s case. While the first trailer pretty much took us through the plot with Tim and Pikachu, we got a glimpse many new characters.

While all that is exciting, appearance of two characters took us by surprise. First the trailer has the American DJ Diplo, who makes a cameo appearance in the movie, and the glimpse is literaly blink and you miss it!

The DJ took it to Twitter to announce his appearance. He is seen wearing headphones, situated behind a booth with sound mixing equipment. We had to watch really attentively as he literally comes on for a second during the Pokemon duel, but there he is!

Diplo in Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer

Another exciting thing was the surprise appearance of Mewtwo The Pokémon that flies through a Pikachu float, turning it into a fiery explosion.

The trailer is full of colors Pokemon and fantastic visual effects.It is a perfect blend of action coupled with humor. The live action Pokemon movie is slated for release on May 10.

This movie certainly is a must watch!


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