Our Drama Industry is becoming expansive by grabbing audience across the country and also covering the other regions of the world. Dramas on different subjects are coming in a wide range; we have seen dramas based on domestic violence, child abuse and on many other social issue based topics. Undoubtedly we have now an extensive drama industry, but still there exist a topic which have not been touched yet.

We have not seen dramas that highlight the issue of minorities that they face in our society. Normally we see a character of minority that is the part of the story-line of the drama who is usually someone’s love interest or a servant. Minorities from different ethnicity exists in our society and we must consider them as the part of our nation. From 1980s to now large number of minorities have migrated from Pakistan because of our intolerance and negligence towards their rights. We must be tolerate enough to accept their beliefs and religious practices that they want to do.

Only one TV channel is giving space to minorities and making dramas that are completely based on issues and lives of minorities in Pakistan. TV one is the only channel that is playing vital role in this regard; they started the trend last year with ‘Seeta Bagri’. That drama revolves around the the struggle of woman who to build a school for the girls of her area. This year we have seen ‘Ghughi’ whose story based on a Hindu girls who faced the tribulations caused by events of partition.

We talked to the Seema Taher Khan CEO of TV one Network in order to know the reason behind this distinct initiative. She said “Usually Actors come to me and share their regard on lack of new and different topics that’s why I aim to focus and target new stories and plot that can create the impact and make difference from other stories”. She further added “In our society we are still not show welcoming behavior towards the people of other believes; same as well we are not tolerate enough to accept them as part of our society. So in order to cater this important issue I aimed to give entertainment along with some social lessons”.

We are completely agree with the way of thinking Seema Khan because it is important to cover the things that are important for the betterment of the society. Dramas are the patent medium of giving entertainment and we must use this source for narrating the things that can inspire its audience for some meaningful lessons. So for this reason we congratulate and thank TV one for being the first ever channel of the country to air dramas that are based on the stories of minorities.



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