Critic Rating

Directed by: Shaqielle Khan

Written by: Syed Wasi Shah

Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani and Abdullah Kadwani (7th Sky Entertainment)

 The 17th episode of “Tum See Hi Taluq Ha” aired on Geo Tv last night. It started with a very intense scene and kept the audience engrossed throughout the episode, in pursuit of an answer to the established situation. The episode began with Sadan (Syed Jibran) standing outside the servant quarter, where his daughter, Sidra, is shown sitting in a corner; tears rolling down her eyes. This creates ultimate suspense, as the viewers think that Sadan might step in and discover her daughter. However, that never happens.

Alina (Tobba Siddique) and her daughter, Nimra, have a brief conversation about their newly formed relationship with Aimen, who is now Alina’s step daughter. The very next day, Rama has a conversation with her friend, who convinces her to give the marriage and Sadan some time and attention. On the other hand, Rama’s cousin tries to manipulate her mind by saying that Sadan will eventually betray her, but doesn’t succeed. Problems increase between Alina’s daughter and step daughter.

The tension increases with every passing minute. The characters play their roles passionately and take the viewers on a roller coaster ride of gripping drama and curiosity. The kids are shown struggling and suffering with insecurities and changes in their parents married lives. This episode accurately depicted the sufferings of kids when parents break up and re-marry. It depicts what naturally happen to children who belong to broken families and how they get affected emotionally.

Simultaneously, the relationships between the characters fluctuated dramatically in a single episode. The negative roles deserve an applause for the conviction that is evident through their performance.

The expressions Faryal Mehmood as Rama gives, are commendable and they go along with the negative aura her personality creates. Whereas, Alina depicts a personality who is very simple in her manner and demeanor.

Asher (Rama’s cousin) reveals his true colors. He is greedy for money and is eyeing Rama’s property. In addition, Sadan has turned into a jealous ex-husband for Alina. Whereas, Nakheel is the completely opposite character in comparison with the other 2 male characters. His supportive role is what the audience will admire and love!

This episode could have been more captivating if there were lesser flashbacks, however the impression and impact this episode created on the mind of the audience was thrilling. The cinematography and lighting was simple yet impactful. The story that unfolded in this episode, seemed dragged. The viewers wait for something interesting to happen but as compared to other episodes we can say that the production has simply started dragging the story.




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