19th February Tuesday 2019 dramas:

This Tuesday was another great day for the dramas that air on this day! Beti had a double episode airing that really had many shocking events that happened, Kam Zarf introduced new character arcs and we find out new secrets in Meray Humdam. So all in all, a very eventful day for all  three dramas.

Beti (ARY) IDream Entertainment

Let’s begin with the most eventful of all three dramas. Firstly, Sonia dies finally from overexertion and fatigue as we knew she would. It was a very sad moment for the drama since even Taimoor begins to reflect on his actions and how badly he had treated his wife. Fareeda and Maryam are the only ones who show actual genuine sorrow however, while the others like Dadi actually wanted Sonia to die. But now that Sonia is gone, Fareeda has to take care of the entire house and Naila is not willing to move one finger. Azhar’s daughter continues to suffer until Fareeda sneaks her out of the house and takes her to Maryam. Another way the characters start to change is when Azhar realizes that he still loves Maryam; he tries to tell her this in the office but Naila barges in and demands that Azhar divorce Maryam. Lastly, Dadi starts to see that Sonia, Maryam and Fareeda all had been good to her despite her own harsh attitude, and Naila was not all she had hoped. This was a good episode in terms of character developments and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak continues to do wonderful work with her character.

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

Fozia’s troubles are still not over as we see how in this episode Azar’s attitude has still not changed. Aima of course remains staunch in her beliefs. Their relatives from America are still staying at their house and their daughter Faria is an outspoken confident girl who does not stand for the way Fozia is treated in the house. Asim begins to like Faria and wants to marry her, while Mona on the other hand develops a love interest in a classmate. These characters are the only highlights of the drama, since Aima and Azar both have no redeeming qualities and we can’t wait for them to get what they deserve. It was an entertaining episode for the sake of the scenes that had Faria and the younger siblings, but otherwise it gets annoying to see how clichéd all the people are, even Fozia.

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

 We find out more about Haris’ past this episode as darker secrets reveal themselves. It seems that Osama knew all along about Haris’ girlfriends, of whom there were many apparently. As his closest friend, Osama decides to deal with this one as well and goes to Paras to tell her to back off since now Haris is happily married. While Osama is dealing with this problem secretly, Warda is still oblivious to her husband’s true nature and tries to be loving of him. However, Haris’ past isn’t his only flaw; his staunch personality that refuses to change for anyone becomes obvious in the way he refuses to take Warda to work because he has to rest. His carelessness saddens Warda but her choice has been made even though she finds Osama a far better person. The addition of Paras was a good choice on behalf of the writer as she certainly revealed a lot about Haris’ character as well as how loyal Osama is. But we hope Osama stops being so blindly committed to Haris and starts standing for himself. As always, Sara Khan is our favorite from this cast with her excellent performance.


The star of this day was Beti! It has truly returned to its roots with the social issue it has been trying to raise as justice is served for those who had denied Mariam her daughter. The character development was excellent in this episode and done in a gradual manner. Beti has our hearts with its beautiful story. Idream Entertainment has done it again.

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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